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About us

  • One of the world leading universities in nuclear education, which makes a significant contribution to the creation of an international system for the accumulation and development of nuclear knowledge accredited by the IAEA
  • One of the leaders among Russian universities actively participating in the international research collaborations (more than 50), conducting a complex of fundamental and applied scientific research
  • World-class education center focusing on the development of unique competencies and expertise in the breakthrough areas of the science and technology
  • All-Russian scientific and educational institution having branches in all regions of the Rosatom State Corporation presence. Partnership with Rosatom determines the importance of both participation in fundamental and target oriented research
  • Network of world-class research centers and laboratories lead by acclaimed Russian and foreign scientists, including one from the USA, France, Italy, and Spain
  • An active supporter of the continuous education ideology
MEPhI IS AMONG THE BEST RUSSIAN UNIVERSITIES, working on the increase the prestige of engineering specialties, generation, promotion, application and accumulation of scientific knowledge aiming to address global challenges of the XXI century



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— to facilitate development of the new trends in education and research agenda together with its partners. The University is expanding cooperation with scientific and business organizations through the creation of industrial research consortia, alliances, and participation in regional clusters. In addition, the University creates a system of strong and long-lasting international relations with specialized foreign universities and research organizations aimed for the joint development and promotion of educational programs covering new and promising technologies.


is not only educational but also an advanced research center. Strong experimental and research infrastructure, scientific and educational schools, involvement of world-class scientists, form the base of a balanced complex of five collaborative institutes (StrAUs) which adapt multidisciplinary approach and addressing modern challenges in breakthrough areas: safer nuclear energy and technology; advanced laser and plasma technologies of the future; biomedicine and digital medical engineering; nanotechnology in electronics, spintronics and photonics; advanced IT technologies


its educational agenda, focusing on the future, bringing together educational programs addressing industry demands. Its programs allow students to plunge into real scientific research; engineering component is introduced from the first year of study, which advances during their study. Success of this task is assured by the “student-centered” principle: modular training, flexibility of the educational  rajectory, which is formed by the student together with the tutor, and the ability to change a speciality within the first two years of general professional training.

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