Biomedical Nanotechnologies — MEPhI

Biomedical Nanotechnologies

12.04.04 Biotechnical Systems and Technologies
Language of instruction — English
Program mode — On campus

// Qualification | degree awarded upon graduation

Andrei V. Kabashin, professor

/  Curator, 

Required duration  |  2 years

Credit value  |  120 ECTS credits

Program Description

The program is aimed to give the fundamental knowledge on  nanotechnology for biomedical applications, biophotonics, laser bionanotechnologies, semiconductor nanoparticles for biomedicine, physical methods of medical diagnostics as well as practical skills in medical diagnostic imaging, experimental investigation in the field of theranostics of cancer and other diseasesof cancer and other diseases. / Full-time — program mode.  / Bachelor degree or equivalent in the field of physical and technical sciences — eligibility requirements. / TOEFLIBT or IELTS — minimal language requirements. / Entrance examination.
Competitive strengths

Competitive strengths consist of both the fundamental knowledge and practical skills in computer modeling, calculation and design of nanosystems, laser and semiconductor bionanotechnologies, modern biomedical technologies as nanotheranostics, medical nanophotonics and positron-emission tomography.    

Career opportunities

Graduates of the program “Biomedical Nanotechnologies” may work in such fields as nanotechnology for biomedical applications, physical methods of medical diagnostics, material science, studies of the propagation and interaction of laser radiation with tissues and organs, research, development and technology to obtain and evaluate medical diagnostic images, experimental investigation and implementation of materials and methods for biomedicine. 

Rosatom State CorporationNational Research Centre “Kurchatov institute”, Research Institute of Neurosurgery named after N. N. Burdenko of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russian Oncological Scientific Center named after N. N. Blokhin,  Russian Scientific Center of Radiology etc. 

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