Controlled fusion and plasma technologies — MEPhI

Controlled fusion and plasma technologies

16.04.02 High-Tech Plasma and Power Facilities
Language of instruction — English
Program mode — On campus

// Qualification | degree awarded upon graduation

Prof. Valeriy A. Kurnaev

/  Curator,  

Required duration  |  2 years

Credit value  |  120 ECTS credits

Program Description

The aim of the program is to prepare Masters for world-class R&D in the field of plasma physics, plasma surface interactions, and plasma technologies. Students get a comprehensive understanding of plasma physics, methods of plasma generation, plasma heating and control, plasma diagnostics, plasma surface interaction, and plasma application. Students have access to unique experimental facilities and computer clusters. They can specialize both in experimental and theoretical directions. The program includes unique courses «Plasma-surface interaction», «Plasma spectroscopy», «Automation of experimental facilities”, “Physics of plasma confinement in toroidal systems”, “Weakly-ionized plasma in technology and ecology”, “Plasma chemistry” etc.  Features of the learning: focus on creativity, individual approach, large number of scientific and engineering topics, modern computer and information technologies. 
Program Supervisor

Prof. Valeriy A. Kurnaev —  Head of the Plasma Physics Department   /  Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics Sciences

Career opportunities

The program gives the basics for further work in the fields of fusion and cosmic plasma, laser plasma, plasma-surface interaction, computer modelling of plasma processes, and plasma technologies. Graduates work both in R&D and in industry.  

Areas of research and experts training: 

  • interaction between plasma and surface; 
  • physics of gas discharges and its application in lasers, ecology and medicine; 
  • diagnostics of pulse and stationary plasma; 
  • plasma technologies; 
  • theory of plasma and its interaction with surface of condensed media.

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