Experimental and Theoretical Solid State Physics — MEPhI

Experimental and Theoretical Solid State Physics

03.03.01 Applied Mathematics and Physics
Language of instruction — English
Program mode — On campus

// Qualification | degree awarded upon graduation

Alexey P. Menushenkov

/  Curators, APMenushenkov@mephi.ru 

Required duration  |  4 years

Credit value  |  120 ECTS credits

Program Description

The program aims to prepare specialists the field of environmentally friendly energy, energy-saving technologies, new materials based on the development and convergence of laser, plasma, beam, synchrotron and X-ray technologies by integrating educational, research and innovative engineering activities.  The Institute has strong ties with all MEPhI departments, as well as with the General Physics Institute and Lebedev physical institute of the Russian Academy of Science. The tasks of the institute include the conduct of basic and applied research, and the creation of new plasma-, laser-, nano- and biotechnologies. The institute has a developed experimental base inside the university and works closely with major research centres around the world.  The Institute provides students with an opportunity to publish the results of their research in leading international physics journals and present them at international conferences. 
Program Supervisor
  • Alexey P. Menushenkov — Acting Head of the Department Solid State Physics and Nanosystems / Ph. D. in  Physics and Mathematics, Professor
Career opportunities

Graduates of the institute’s departments can work in leading universities and laboratories in different countries, in high-tech innovative enterprises and in major Russian and foreign business companies.  

Areas of research and experts training: 

  • Condensed matter physics 
  • Theoretical Solid State Physics 
  • Numerical methods in quantum physics 
  • Introduction to Nanostructure Physics 
  • Physical foundations of superconductivity

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