Innovative computer security technologies — MEPhI

Innovative computer security technologies

Language of instruction — Russian
Program mode — On campus

// Qualification | degree awarded upon graduation

Epishkina A.V.

/  Curator,

Required duration  |  4 years

Credit value  |  240 ECTS credits

Program Description

The main idea of the program is to develop graduates ‘ competencies necessary for working in the field of computer security. The continuous expansion of the areas of application of IT technologies inevitably creates new threats to information security. Constantly emerging new ways of committing crimes related to computer security violations require the development of new information protection technologies. The need to develop human resources in innovative areas of computer security determines the relevance of this program. This program differs from other programs on information security in fact that most of it consists of a block of unique disciplines on new computer security technologies, which together with the disciplines on modern IT technologies, classical engineering disciplines and research work of students forms an up-to – date training program for bachelor’s degree experts in the field of computer security. In the course of training, students will learn: modern methods of storing, transmitting and processing information;  existing methods and means of protecting information; ways to protect computer systems from actual attacks; difficulties that can be encountered in ensuring computer security
Career opportunities

Objects of professional activity of graduates of the program are:

  • automated systems functioning in the conditions of existence of threats in the information sphere and has the information technology resources being protected;
  • information technologies shaping the information infrastructure, in the conditions of existence of threats in the information sphere and involve information technology resources are subject to protection;
  • information system, which is necessary to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, non-repudiation of authorship through the use of cryptographic primitives;
  • technology of information security based on cryptography; means of cryptographic protection of information.

Our alumni employees work in large government organizations and enterprises small, medium and large businesses, including the Bank of Russia, Rosatom, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Sberbank of Russia, JSC «RZD», NTC «Atlas», Center for information technologies and systems of Executive authorities, Kaspersky Lab, companies «security Code», «Aquarius» etc.

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