Laser and plasma research and technologies of the future — MEPhI

Future of Laser, Plasma and Radiation Research and Technologies

— Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies /  LaPlas
Genisaretskaya S.V.

/  Curator, Deputy Director of the LaPlas

Registration  |  20.05 — 12.06

Duration  | 22.06 — 26.06

About the International Summer School

Laser, plasma and radiation technologies constitute a very important part of our daily life. The main quality of laser, plasma and radiation technologies is their versatility, the possibility of application in almost all fields of science and different spheres of human existence. Every day we use high-tech gadgets and manage modern machines, we research and create new materials, we try to unlock the mysteries of the Universe. As a rule, we don’t even realize that all these opportunities have appeared due to the usage of a laser beam, plasma (ionized gas) and radiation technologies. These technologies have enormous potential for application. For example the rate of growth of the laser equipment market is over 6,6%, while that of the global economy is around 2,4%. The possible solution of many problems, with which humanity faces in the fields of energy, industrial production, healthcare, information support, environmental protection and safety is associated by experts with laser, plasma and radiation technologies

/ Students of natural sciences

Contact  /  Genisaretskaya S.V., deputy director of the Institute for Laser and Plasma Technologies  /  Maklashova I.V.

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