Microwave Photonics — MEPhI

Microwave Photonics

12.04.03 Photonics and Optical Informatics
Language of instruction — English
Program mode — On campus

// Qualification | degree awarded upon graduation

Diana Arzamastseva

/  Curator, dmarzamastseva@mephi.ru 

Required duration  |  2 years

Credit value  |  120 ECTS credits

Program Description

This program prepares students for work in the field of activities related to applied research, development and technology in the field of photonics and optical informatics. The main areas of research include:   Devices and systems based on coherent optics; Materials and systems, methods and technologies for optical transmission, transformation and storage of information; Systems for optical and quantum calculations; Systems based on nanoscale structures. The uniqueness of this program is ensured by the high technical level of the Institute’s experimental base, the ability to work in key areas of applied science and technology: physics and technology of photonic optoelectronic devices, quantum informatics
Career opportunities

The education received by graduates allows them to successfully work in the field of experimental research, production technologies and modeling of devices and systems for photonics and optical informatics. The unique professional competencies of graduates contribute to their social mobility and relevance.

The objects of professional activity include photonics devices and methods for their research, design and construction, modern software for modeling and designing nanoelectronic devices. The acquired skills allow working both in research institutes and in corporations involved in the production of electronics and devices based on the principles of photonics

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