Nanoelectronics, spintronics and photonics — MEPhI

Nanoelectronics, spintronics and photonics

11.03.04 Electronics and nanoelectronics
Language of instruction — English
Program mode — On campus

// Qualification | degree awarded upon graduation

Diana Arzamastseva

/  Curator, 

Required duration  |  4 years

Credit value  |  240 ECTS credits

Program Description

The program aims to train bachelors for the needs of modern electronics, as well as developers of electronic devices based on new physical principles. Our graduates become leading experts in the development and implementation of new technologies: heterostructured electronics; wide-gap semiconductors; graphene and carbon nanotubes;  microprocessor design. Research activities during education allow students to work successfully in the fields of mathematical modeling, design, microwave, optical, micro — and nanoelectronics of various functional purposes  
Learning Outcomes
  • ability to analyze problems, to formulate goals, to conduct experiments using modern methods, to make correct conclusions based on the results of the research, to prepare scientific articles
  • structure and devices design skills for electronics in accordance with specified requirements, prepare technical specifications
  • ability to participate in the feasibility and functional analysis of market efficiency of the created product
Career opportunities

Graduates of this program have the skills to design structures and devices for electronics in accordance with the specified requirements, their manufacturing and testing, as well as the skills to prepare technical tasks. The knowledge gained during training allows graduates to take part in the technical, economic and functional analysis of the market efficiency of the created product. Below are a few examples of who graduates can work as:  

  • Nanosystems Engineer
  • Photonics Engineer
  • Researcher in the field of wide-gap semiconductors

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