Radiation Technologies in Life Sciences — MEPhI

Radiation Technologies in Life Sciences

14.03.02 Nuclear Physics and Technologies
Language of instruction — English
Program mode — On campus

// Qualification | degree awarded upon graduation

Alexander Nakhabov

/  Curator, AVNakhabov@mephi.ru 

Required duration  |  4 years

Credit value  |  240 ECTS credits

Program Description

The Radiation Technologies in Life Sciences (RT) program is established to prepare specialists for non-energetic application of nuclear and radiation technologies. The RT program includes an academic and practical training to acquire knowledge, skills and expertize in basic engineering with an emphasis on three main specialized domains: radiation protection, radiation and nuclear technologies in agrosciences and healthcare.  Graduates of the RT program have a comprehensive knowledge in fundamental physics and engineering sciences as well as  professional knowledge and expertize in the field of specialization. The program covers a number of interconnected topics, including dosimetry and protection against radiation, radiation installations and nuclear research reactors, medical radiology, biological and medical fundamentals of radiation effect in living matter, radiation applications in agriculture and food production, radiation chemistry, radiation monitoring, radioactive waste management, etc.  A unique advantage of the RT program is a balanced integration of the fundamental technical education with training modules in life sciences. Students undergo practice in Resource Center of the University (Obninsk). They are involved in up-to-date research activities that are carried out under the supervision of highly qualified university staff as well as experienced professionals from nearby research institutes and enterprises
Career opportunities

There is a rising demand in professional staff for international research centers of nuclear science and technologies as well as in the field of industrial utilization of high-tech non-energetic nuclear technologies both in Russia and in many other countries. Specialists with combined competencies in technical and natural sciences are especially valued by employers and have many promising perspectives for individual career and success. The RT program graduates are employed in any fields and industries where radiation is used, including scientific centers and universities, irradiation installations in medicine and food production, supervision bodies ensuring the radiation safety of man and the environment, etc. The opportunities will continue to grow with new achievements of nuclear science and a wide propagation of peaceful applications of nuclear and radiation technologies in all spheres of human life

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