Radioecology and Radiation Protection — MEPhI

Radioecology and Radiation Protection

14.04.02 Nuclear Physics and Technologies
Language of instruction — English
Program mode — On campus

// Qualification | degree awarded upon graduation

Alexander Nakhabov

/  Curator, 

Required duration  |  2 years

Credit value  |  120 ECTS credits

Program Description

The Master’s Program is aimed at training graduates in radiation ecology and radiation protectionю Graduates will be able to work successfully in the fields of nuclear engineering and non-power applications of nuclear and radiation technologies.   Graduates of the program have basic knowledge in nuclear physics and engineering as well as professional knowledge and expertize in the field of radiation ecology and radiation protection. The program covers a number of interconnected topics, including radiation dosimetry and protection, environmental safety of nuclear fuel cycle, instrumentation for radiation measurements, radiobiological effect in living matter, radiation chemistry, geochemistry of radioisotopes, radiation monitoring, radioactive waste management, emergency preparedness and others.  A unique advantage of the program is a balanced integration of the fundamental technical education with training modules. Training practice is done at the Resource Center of the University (the Obninsk branch). To further the knowledge and master skills, students are involved in up-to-date research activities that are conducted under the supervision of highly qualified university staff as well as experienced professionals from the Obninsk-based research institutions and enterprises 
Career opportunities

Future career can be associated with 

  • nuclear industry and nuclear fuel cycle 
  • radiological control in nuclear power plants and other enterprises 
  • supervising administrative bodies in radiation and environmental safety 
  • agencies / departments of radiation protection and safety 
  • radiation and environmental safety in non-nuclear industry (oil and gas, mining, construction industry, etc.) 
  • decommissioning of nuclear and radiation facilities  
  • radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management 

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