Supercomputer Technologies in Engineering and Physical Modeling — MEPhI

Supercomputer Technologies in Engineering and Physical Modeling

03.03.01 Applied mathematics and physics
Language of instruction — English
Program mode — On campus

// Qualification | degree awarded upon graduation

Vladimir A. Shargatov | Eugene V. Stepin

/  Curators,

Required duration  |  4 years

Credit value  |  240 ECTS credits

Program Description

The aim of the program is to train highly qualified specialists who are able to conduct fundamental and applied research, and to develop and use engineering and physical analysis tools to implement the concept of a digital twin.  The main feature of the program is the fundamental physical, mathematical and supercomputer training, which allows a natural combination of basic and special disciplines, as well as the basic methods of theoretical research and mathematical modeling.  Graduates are able to conduct research in areas related to theoretical and mathematical physics and mathematical modeling using high performance computing (HPC) applications, i.e. digital twins for solving urgent computationally complex problems.  The curriculum includes academic, research, production and undergraduate practice, as well as the preparation of graduate bachelor’s work.  The basic part of the program includes the basic courses of theoretical physics and applied mathematics, as well as modern methods of mathematical modeling of physical processes. The specialized part of the program consists of unique author’s courses on the architecture of supercomputer systems, computer graphics and scientific visualization, as well as modeling methods using the resources of modern high-performance computer (HPC) systems and parallel programming technologies
Program Supervisor
  • Vladimir A. Shargatov   —  Director of the Center for Engineering Physics and Supercomputer Modeling  /  Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor
  • Eugene V. Stepin   —  Deputy Director of the Center for Engineering Physics and Supercomputer Modeling  /  PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Senior Lecturer
Career opportunities

Universal and subject-specific knowledge, skills, competencies of graduates of the program ensure their relevance in the labor market, social mobility, the ability to learn and the ability to master related fields of science, industry, and economics. 

Graduates of the program are in demand in top Russian and international technology companies and scientific centers connected with mechanical engineering, aviation, aerospace industry, shipbuilding and automotive industry, nuclear and laser technologies

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