The III International Summer School on non-destructive testing of welded joints of pipelines and equipment of nuclear power plants for students, postgraduates and young specialists — MEPhI

Non-Destructive Testing of Welded Joints of Pipelines and Equipment of Nuclear Power Plants

The III International Summer School
— Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering  /  INPhE
Nakhabov A.V.

/  Curator, Associate Professor

Registration  | 10.05.2020

Duration  |  24.06.2020 — 28.06.2020

About the International Summer School

The International Summer School considers the main methods of Non-Destructive Testing (ultrasonic, radiography, eddy current, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant), its foundations and practical application on the NPPs of Russian design

/ Students, Postgraduates and Young Specialists

Contact / Nakhabov A.V.

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