The International on-line Summer School “Biophotonics” — MEPhI

The International on-line Summer School “Biophotonics”

Institute Of Engineering Physics For Biomedicin  /  PhysBio
Sergey Klimentov

/  Curator, Head of the center for Nano-Biomedicine, Deputy Director for science of PhysBio MEPhI

Registration  |  until 17.07

Duration  |  20.07.2020 — 26.07.2020

About the International Summer School

The International summer school «Biophotonics» provides an opportunity for students and young scientists to expand their knowledge in one of the advanced areas of Biotechnology — Biophotonics. Special emphasis will be placed on the bionanosensors, production of nanoparticles and nanocrystals for biophoton applications, optical tweezers, fluorescent nanoparticles and etc.

Graduate and postgraduate students, senior students of the bachelor studying in programs related to Life Sciences and Medicine, as well as young scientists

Contact  /  Maria Grigoryeva, Secretary of the Organizing-Committee

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